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Net Sense: Consultant's Code Of Ethics

Net Sense prides itself on adhering to a strict ethical code of behavior.

Here is our Consultant's Code Of Ethics:


I am competent in my field.


I will always make every attempt to identify the client's real problems.


I will always clearly specify my role in the client's project or assignment.


I will adapt to the individuality of my client's problems.


My recommendations will be feasible.

bullet I will at all times avoid any conflict of interest.
bullet I will never fail to perform my services to the best of my abilities.
bullet I will never deceive my client.
bullet I will never be negligent.
bullet I will always inform my client of the risks of any undertaking.
bullet I will always inform my client of my basic approach to his/her problem.
bullet The matter of my fee will always be presented forthrightly so that my client will always know what his/her money will buy.
bullet I will maintain total confidentiality with regard to my client's business.
bullet I will always work to the best of my ability to insure the quick success of my client's project.
bullet Charges for expenses over and above my regular fee will always be fair and accurate.
bullet I will never accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, supplies, or services to my client.

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